Thursday, April 20, 2006

Extra Special Edition

Paul (Plittle) has just posted an Extra Special Edition of the CarnivAOL. This journal is normally devoted to people who are 'self-promoting' their own writing... It is what people call a 'Journal of the Vanities'.

But, not for this Edition... For this Edition it becomes a Memorial for Pamela Hilger (His1Desire) and lists as many of the entries about Pam as Paul could find. Pop over there and check out that list.... It's an amazing list and a tribute to how many people Pam's life touched.

And, for this one Special Edition, Paul is waiving the AOL Journals only rule and accepting submissions from any and every source. If you've written an entry dedicated to Pam, check and see if Paul already found it, and if he hasn't, submit it!

Thank you, Paul! This is a wonderful tribute to an amazing woman.

Hey.... What are you doing still here??? Go Already!


Chris said...

That is a rather nice tribute to Pam.

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Whiskers said...

I can't say I disagree. I'll check to see the consensus. Happy mother's day!