Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Artsy Essay is back!

Judith Heartsong had brought back The Artsy Essay! I can't even tell you how happy this makes me. You MUST click on the link above and go to her Blog and check out all the wonderful people who are participating. And, while you are there, be sure to check out the rest of the blog. Judith is a very accomplished artist and often shares her artwork with us, along with her thoughts. She is one of the most generous and gentlest souls you will ever find.

The theme for this edition of the Artsy Essay is as follows:

What is your favorite and most inspiring possession? Tell us about it, and if you want an extra creative challenge... tell us about it without naming it until the very last sentence of your essay:):):)

So, Click on the link above, read the rules, and join us in the inaugural edition of The Artsy Essay!

Below is my entry:

When I first started considering what my favorite or most inspiring possession might be, frankly I was stumped. My first gut reaction was an entry about either Morgan or Boo, but the fact that I call them the furkids gives you the first clue as to why they wouldn't by appropriate. Morgan and Boo are not possessions, they are part of our family! My second knee-jerk thought was a toss-up between my camera and my laptop. But that was too easy, and I knew that I could get by perfectly well without either of them. I might not be happy about it, but neither of them were things that I couldn't do without. So, digging deep, and giving it a lot of thought, I finally came up with the perfect thing.

My most favorite, inspiring, irreplaceable, and loved possession was given to me by my Mother. I don't think she did it on purpose, in fact I'm pretty sure she didn't! See, my step-father worked an evening job when they were first married, and a 3 year old running around the small duplex early in the morning was not conducive to my new Daddy getting the rest he needed. My Mother figured that if I stayed up until they went to bed in the evening, I would sleep later the next day. Being the resourceful person she was, and noting my interest in one of her favorite things, she decided to gift me with something which I still love and value even to this day.

Taking my Christmas gift from my Grandparents and moving it from my bedroom into the living room, she sat me down and we took turns. She would draw something on my blackboard easel and tell me what it was. I would then carefully try to copy her movements and repeat her words back to her. Soon I was able to name what she drew on my little blackboard before she could tell me. Before long I was sitting down on the couch with her and paging thru the little board books that my Grandparents were always gifting me with, and sharing the stories I found there with her.

To this day, I prefer my Mother's gift over anything else I own. Because of her gift, I have ridden on the backs of dragons as they flew through the sky. I've joined Hobbits in their houses, and had tea with a stuffed animal or two. I've flown in spaceships to other planets and met people with ideas that are different than mine. As long as I can read, I will always have new places to visit, both real and imaginary, and friends to meet, both old and new. She gave me not just the gift of stories and entertainment, but the ability to learn anything I want to.

My Mother's Gift was the ability to read and understand the written word, but, more importantly, she gifted me with her love of books.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

What is it?!?

I knew when I did my Wordless Wednesday pic this week that I would probably get a few questions... and I was right!



What is that strange animal? It's an Okapi! Okapis are one of my favorite animals. They look like a zebra and a giraffe got together for a night of interesting fun, but the truth is that they are only related to the giraffe. I was hoping to get a tongue picture, but I wasn't lucky enough on this particular visit to get one. An Okapi tongue is an Amazing thing. They can actually lick their ears with their tongues! I personally love the little horns. They are very gentle, very sweet animals.

Okapis are still relatively rare in zoos, and it was good news to me that my favorite zoo was getting one. This little one is in the newest part of the zoo, and is a little off the beaten path. Some animals are a little more shy than others and require more privacy in their homes. Okapis are notoriously shy and are easily made uncomfortable if they feel crowded. This makes them a challenge to breed, but not impossible as most Okapis in zoos were bred in captivity. I am hoping that they are planning on trying to breed them here as a baby okapi is absolutely adorable. Click here and here for the chance to see a baby Okapi. Isn't she cute??

One of the coolest things about Okapis is that they were basically undiscovered till 1901. They were probably the last large mammal 'discovered' by the Western World. They live only in the Ituri Forest, and although they had probably been hunted by the natives, it wasn't until 1890 or so when rumors of a strange donkey like creature were exposed to the 'civilized' world. Even today they are one of the least documented and least understood of all animals in their natural habitat. Why? Mostly because they are very shy, very quick, and have excellent hearing so they hear any one approaching long before they can be seen. Here is a link that gives a little more info about their discovery. It is a very good article from the American Museum of Natural History. And here are a couple more with some interesting facts and a few more pictures for the young and young at heart.

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Wordless Wednesday


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Weekend Assignment #174: Humiliate Your Pet!

John over at By The Way offers up this for our weekend amusement:

Let's face it, your pets have a pretty sweet gig -- all they have to do, mostly, is lie around and look cute, and for that they get free room and board. It's such a sweet gig, in fact, that I think they sometimes forget who is boss. Reminding them (and you) of their place in the household hierarchy is the goal of this Weekend Assignment:

Weekend Assignment #174: Humiliate your pet! Show a picture or tell a story that features your pet doing something that's goofy or silly, even for dumb animal. If you don't currently have a pet, you can tell a pet story from a previous furry pal of yours, or pass along a pet humiliation story someone once shared with you.

This is a pretty easy assignment if you have pets! In fact I've posted a set of embarrassing pictures before!

The picture I've used here is of my Corgi, Morgan. Morgan likes to get comfortable when she sleeps. I have pictures of her stretched out, I have pictures of her on her back, I have pictures of her sleeping on pillows and under blankets and.....Well, you get the picture! LOL! 

I just liked the expression she has in this picture. She is stretched out on the couch, head on a throw pillow, laying on one of my jackets and she just looks like she is saying "Oh, please Mom..... Don't take... Oh Man! Don't I look stupid!" Of course, what she was really thinking was, "Mom, put that silly picture box away... the flash is interrupting my nap!"




Extra credit: Do you think your pet is actually humiliated?

Ummm... No, I don't think she is actually humiliated... more annoyed at being woke up!

Friday, July 13, 2007

This Is Just Creepy!

Go HERE! Do this.... It is just Creepy! It doesn't work unless you do the math problem, but I haven't figured out how it is doing it. If anyone figures it out please tell me! LOL!

Update: I figured out how it works... if anyone wants to know ask in comments and I'll e-mail you the answer!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Geometry

Monday Photo Shoot: Picture something that shows off something geometrical. Squares, cubes, vectors, right angles, tangents and so on; basically, any picture that shows geometrical forms and shapes in an interesting and obvious way.

When I saw this week's Photo Shoot topic over at By the Way, I knew I had the perfect photo.... At the zoo last Thursday I saw a cute little 'extra' animal. If you keep your eyes open you sometimes see animals at the zoo who aren't 'officially' a part of the show! This little guy was hanging out next to one of the exhibits and I snapped a couple of shots. Actually you will see him again as I have a shot after he moved when he is surrounded by leaves that I like, but it didn't fit this particular assignment.

I almost didn't bother to put the photo up since I missed the deadline, but decided to do so anyway because: 1. I already had the photo ready to go and 2. I figured you would all understand the reason I wasn't online. I had the chance to go to the movies and see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with my favorite man! Ummmm... my impression? I liked it. Now I just have to wait one more week for the last book! LOL!


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Rockin' Girl Blogger

This post is a little late, but I hope that DesLily will forgive me. Seems that she picked me as one of the 5 blogs to pass this award on to. Check here to see her other picks.



According to the Rules of the Award, I'm to pass the Award on to 5 other "girls", who's blogs I read and enjoy. (Sorry to all you guys)  And they, in turn, pass it on to 5 girls blogs that they enjoy.

Well, in theory, that seems easy enough.... but how to pick just 5 blogs from all of the many I read and enjoy? sigh... At least I can throw out all the guys I read... that cuts it down a little... Still, for every 1 journal I pick there are at least 5 more I enjoy (or more LOL!)

1. Well, Kim over at I Shaved my Legs for This is an obvious pick. This woman is amazing! I loved her blog back in the days she told us stories about her growing up years, and stories about her lovely family. These days she is taking us on an amazing journey with her. Last year she was diagnosed with breast cancer and we went along for the ride. Surgery, Chemo, tests... we went thru it all with her. And her faith and courage never wavered. She is facing a new battle with cancer these days, and as always, shares it all with us. Her reasoning? If she can help the next person see that they are not alone on this journey and give them a little faith and hope, then she feels like she has accomplished something. DEFINITELY a Rockin' Girl blogger!

2. Next I offer up Adventures in Juggling. Laura is a NICU nurse, a wife, a mother of five kids, and just an amazing person. My favorite clown in her little circus of life is her 'Little Man'. This little guy was born with special needs, and Laura and her family saw that he was the last piece to their family puzzle, and thru her journal we get to see his amazing progress! His smile would light up anyone's day.

3. What can I say about Dust Bunny Club of North America?? The author of this blog just lays it out on the line. There are farts and burps, and love and support. This was always a fun blog to visit, but took a poignant turn when her oldest joined the armed forces and then was stationed in the middle east. I think I worried about Gabe almost as much as his mother did. She even started a second journal so that she could leave special entries for Gabe and we could comment and give him our support also. In addition to Gabe there are several other Oompa Loompas (as she calls them) to give us entertainment. And, lets not forget Dickidoo!

4. My Country Life was one of the first blogs I started reading way back when... And I still don't miss an entry. Mosie let's us enjoy her horse, her calf, her dog, and her family. Often thru the lens of a camera, and always thru her words. From her blog you also get to meet her daughter and son who also both have blogs. We've enjoyed many horse back rides, motorcycle rides, weeks at the fair, and nights at her cabin with her. I look forward to enjoying many more.

5. The last one is In My Opinion. Kelly caught my attention the first time because of a link to her blog that was to an entry about her son. Joshua is no longer with us, and Kelly deals with that and shares some of her feelings about it with us. She also shares her daily joy in her daughter (who she calls Princess), her struggles as a single mom, and as a full time student. Her parents are also much in evidence in her blog. Her Mom is always there to help, and she and her father often share an afternoon at the movies. They are both movie fanatics LOL! Kelly is just an all around amazing person and shares one very special habit with me... neither one of us updates our blogs as often as we should ROFL!!

Just in case these aren't enough to keep you occupied... Here are a few more 'bonus' blogs: Hope Floats, Just Mary, Sometimes I think, Raven's Lament, How did I get here?!, and Dancing in the Rain.... Want more? Check out my sidebar!!