Thursday, April 05, 2007

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Blossoms and Blooms

This week the blogfather offers up a chance to bring a little Spring into our blogs. I had taken a few pictures of new blooms last week, but couldn't decide on just 1 to use... heck, I had trouble picking 6!


Your Monday Photo Shoot: Take a snap of some of the latest blossoms and blooms near you. If for some reason it's still too chilly where you are, one, you my sympathy, and two, go ahead and use a picture from your archives. But everyone else should go out and take a fresh picture if they can. Let's see what spring looks like here in 2007.

For my entry, I give you an explosion of color!


Want to play along?? Put up a pic, pop over to By the Way and leave a link!

1 comment:

BarnGoddess said...

lovely blossums! I had to bring inside my potted flowers and plants, we have a freeze advisory in OK after having 90 degree days. Gah!