Monday, May 07, 2007

More Randomness......

Just another one of those random, stream of consciousness type posts...

If anyone with a blog on AOL has been missing getting a comment from me, well it's because AOL has refused to allow me to sign in all day on Sunday. Every time I would try I would get to the page with the boxes for screenname and password, I would enter my information, then I would get a 404 page saying something like the server didn't recognize the command. WEIRD! I finally got it to accept at almost midnight. Sigh!

Here's something for people who like things like the old Spirographs. I loved those things when I was a kid! Anyway, go here and when the page loads move your mouse pointer over the white square. Cool, huh! Now, click one of those little circles down in the left hand corner and move your mouse again. Seriously, this thing kept me occupied for about 30 minutes. ROFL!

It rained here today, a pretty good thunderstorm actually. Because I access the internet thru a dish, the weather affects if I can surf or not. You don't realize how much you use something till it randomly is denied to you.  ;p

If you haven't checked in with Kim lately over at I Shaved My Legs for This, drop by and say Hi! She could use all the support we can give her. She is a very brave lady, but it never hurts to know that others are rooting for you!  

Poor Morgan. In the first shot she is all... "Look, Mom has that cool box thing and wants to take my picture...... this is Great!"

Morgan at the Beginning of a Photo Shoot

Then, after several minutes of this we get, "Is she ever going to get that thing out of my face!" LOL!

Morgan at the END of the Photo Shoot


BarnGoddess said...

your dog looks so happy!

as a kid I played with Spirographs all the time, Im off to give it a try. omg its been YEARS!

Becky said...

Weird! "Post a Comment" didn't appear on your last entry, but I found it on this one. So sorry to hear about your kitty. :-( I still miss my Sheba and it's been a few years now. Your pup is adorable! I just want to squinch up that face and kiss her nose!

Celeste said...

I know what you mean about not having the internet. My ISPhad a server scash last nighght. I did not get back on untilmis morning!