Sunday, July 01, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger

This post is a little late, but I hope that DesLily will forgive me. Seems that she picked me as one of the 5 blogs to pass this award on to. Check here to see her other picks.



According to the Rules of the Award, I'm to pass the Award on to 5 other "girls", who's blogs I read and enjoy. (Sorry to all you guys)  And they, in turn, pass it on to 5 girls blogs that they enjoy.

Well, in theory, that seems easy enough.... but how to pick just 5 blogs from all of the many I read and enjoy? sigh... At least I can throw out all the guys I read... that cuts it down a little... Still, for every 1 journal I pick there are at least 5 more I enjoy (or more LOL!)

1. Well, Kim over at I Shaved my Legs for This is an obvious pick. This woman is amazing! I loved her blog back in the days she told us stories about her growing up years, and stories about her lovely family. These days she is taking us on an amazing journey with her. Last year she was diagnosed with breast cancer and we went along for the ride. Surgery, Chemo, tests... we went thru it all with her. And her faith and courage never wavered. She is facing a new battle with cancer these days, and as always, shares it all with us. Her reasoning? If she can help the next person see that they are not alone on this journey and give them a little faith and hope, then she feels like she has accomplished something. DEFINITELY a Rockin' Girl blogger!

2. Next I offer up Adventures in Juggling. Laura is a NICU nurse, a wife, a mother of five kids, and just an amazing person. My favorite clown in her little circus of life is her 'Little Man'. This little guy was born with special needs, and Laura and her family saw that he was the last piece to their family puzzle, and thru her journal we get to see his amazing progress! His smile would light up anyone's day.

3. What can I say about Dust Bunny Club of North America?? The author of this blog just lays it out on the line. There are farts and burps, and love and support. This was always a fun blog to visit, but took a poignant turn when her oldest joined the armed forces and then was stationed in the middle east. I think I worried about Gabe almost as much as his mother did. She even started a second journal so that she could leave special entries for Gabe and we could comment and give him our support also. In addition to Gabe there are several other Oompa Loompas (as she calls them) to give us entertainment. And, lets not forget Dickidoo!

4. My Country Life was one of the first blogs I started reading way back when... And I still don't miss an entry. Mosie let's us enjoy her horse, her calf, her dog, and her family. Often thru the lens of a camera, and always thru her words. From her blog you also get to meet her daughter and son who also both have blogs. We've enjoyed many horse back rides, motorcycle rides, weeks at the fair, and nights at her cabin with her. I look forward to enjoying many more.

5. The last one is In My Opinion. Kelly caught my attention the first time because of a link to her blog that was to an entry about her son. Joshua is no longer with us, and Kelly deals with that and shares some of her feelings about it with us. She also shares her daily joy in her daughter (who she calls Princess), her struggles as a single mom, and as a full time student. Her parents are also much in evidence in her blog. Her Mom is always there to help, and she and her father often share an afternoon at the movies. They are both movie fanatics LOL! Kelly is just an all around amazing person and shares one very special habit with me... neither one of us updates our blogs as often as we should ROFL!!

Just in case these aren't enough to keep you occupied... Here are a few more 'bonus' blogs: Hope Floats, Just Mary, Sometimes I think, Raven's Lament, How did I get here?!, and Dancing in the Rain.... Want more? Check out my sidebar!!


DesLily said...

hey! great talking with you!! funny how it feels like you know someone before you even talk on a phone!

BarnGoddess said...

looks like some good reads I had better check out :)

Laura said...

OMG i am so honored to share company with some totally rockin' ladies!
you rock!
i passed on the award because i always do as i am told!

Laura said...

i tagged you ba-ack!!!

Jod{i} said...

Wow...I miss all these people!
I must go a linking and say hello to many I havent "seen" in quite some time!
How are you?
Incredible Rocking Girls yes in deed!