Sunday, June 06, 2010


Hello?!? **cough** **cough** **knocks down cob webs and chokes on all of the dust**

Wow! It is  dusty in here. I’ve really been neglecting my poor little blog. The bright shininess that is  Facebook drew me in and I was distracted by the new. It’s not that I forgot about AofanEM. It was more I would think “Wow, that would make a good blog post”, and then it was just so much easier to throw up a line or two on Facebook… or even on Twitter… than to actually pull up Live Writer and go thru all the steps of posting. It just seemed like too much trouble. Oh, I could blame Facebook… or Twitter… or even the fact that it was a long, cold Winter, but the truth is I have just been being lazy. I think it is time for me to pull this blog back out, dust it off, maybe even do some remodeling.

I wonder if anyone even still has this in their RSS reader? Hello, Beuller… Beuller… How about a roll call? If you are out there and are actually seeing this…. make a comment! How’s that for begging for attention?

So, Why now? Why Today? Why? Why? Why? Hmmm.. Well, it’s my 50th birthday (and no, that is not a bid for birthday wishes, I’m actually thinking about not having anymore birthdays.. the whole getting older thing is NOT working for me!) and I was thinking about what I’ve done since this time last year and what I would like to accomplish this year. Kind of like New Year’s Resolutions! Oh wait… I already did that. If you look down one entry you will see that my last entry was about the things I should be doing. That  was ummmm…. 5 months ago? Yeah..So much for good intentions. Did I mention it was a cold, ugly Winter? Oh yeah… I used that excuse.

So, Here’s the question. Help me out! Should I just revamp this blog as is and go on from here, or should I scrap it, keep the Blog name and URL and start over as if it was a brand new blog. Delete all of the old entries (except this one), and start from scratch, or just start posting from here and try to just fix some of the things that were\are bugging me.

What exactly has been bugging me? Let’s see: I have some broken links to old pictures and things from the AOL debacle. I’m still pulling my blogroll from my –old- RSS reader and not the one I am currently using. My RSS feeds are a whole other issue, they really need to be cleaned out and streamlined. I’m bored with my blog design, but am not sure where I want to go with it, and my ‘labels’ and categories lists are a mess.

So… suggestions? Ideas? Complaints? Requests?




Donna said...

What a surprise! As far as what to do with your blog, I say do whatever pleases you.

WeaselMomma said...

Happy 50th and I'm still here. I say keep it and don't scrap it. Just pick up where you left off. Redesign if you like. Go to other blogs and check out features that you like and just incorporate them for yourself.

Tara R. said...

Hey stranger! Happy B-day and welcome back.

I wouldn't scrap it either. I like WM's suggestions... redesign, maybe refocus, but keep it going from here.

Just Bill said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, believe me 50 is not all that bad. ask me and I will tell how the last nine years have been for me. Still shooring for 80 in ten months.
As i recall I always enjoyed your blog (memory has failed also) and think you should just pick it up as you always did in the past.
Let us kow what is annoying or irritating for you. Thenk we can respond and bitch along with you.
More annilam pictures would also be nice. They need more exposure. Not sure if the giraffe or you have a longer neck. j/k

Rachel said...

I'm here. I, too, have abandoned my blog terribly since I got hooked on FB. It's so instant. Our society is very wrapped up in instant gratification, and FB/Twitter affords us a chance to blurt out whatever's on our mind. Steam of Consciousness posting, which in MY case, probably annoys the crap out of everyone. Makes me happy, though.

Happy Birthday!

MLight said...

Happy Birthday!! I'm still reading, though I don't think that I've left a comment before. As far as where to go from here - I'd say do whatever is easiest (especially if you're out of the habit of blogging). At least for me, it's more likely to get done that way.

Traci said...

I like the current blog! I'm so glad to see you back! FB has consumed me as well. It's just too easy! I'm trying to blog as least once a week. Hope your birthday was a good one!

Toon said...

Yeah, Facebook has decimated the blog world. Heck -- just leave your blog as is and keep going. If you stop and try and rebuild from scratch, it might seem too daunting. Pick up and move on from here! Glad you're back!

Carl V. said...

Hey, Happy 50th!!! I hope you celebrated well and I sincerely wish you a decade ahead that is better than any that have gone before.

DesLily said...

Look at you! You go away for months and come back with more comments than I generally get for a post! LOL..

I am lazy too so I'd probably revamp what's here.. but then sometimes it is easier just to start over..*sigh* I can't believe you asked me lol.. I don't want to discuss my link list on my blog that probably has many links that dont work anymore or the fact that I haven't added to it in eons! Heck I still have a "template"!!! but I keep that because I know how to add things in the sidebar and when I try on one of my other blogs (the ones I never update) I can't figure out how to do anything! So it's Live Writer and "publish" for me!... and umm so what's this new passion??? or did i miss something?

Brenda Grolle said...

Hi, just checking in and I'm glad to see you back.

Facebook keeps me busy, not so much commenting as gaming. Besides, it's gardening season now, so that means less time for indoor stuff anyway.

Happy Birthday!

You don't need to make hasty decisions on your blog. Just blog for awhile and see how you feel.

Becky said...

Hee hee! Good for you admiting to the FB addiction. I was doing the same thing. Anything bloggable I was just posting in a short and sweet fashion on FB. Since I dusted off my blog too, I revisted my bloglines to see what my fellow bloggers were up to. I have a lot of catching up to do! LOL

Rising Rainbow said...

OK, so I'm late BUT I'm here! I guess I couldn't believe it when I found posts in my reader so I didn't click through. LOL

However, if it were me, I'd just pick up and continue. If you want to redesign, go for it. I have some broken links to fix and that kind of stuff but I'm going to get them done one of these days. LOL

Glad to see you're back. I've missed you, my friend.