Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Another AOL Refugee

One day I came home from work and sat down at my computer. I turned it on an clicked on the message boards and found...... CHAOS!

Ads? What Ads? What is everyone talking about??? Quickly I clicked on the icon to bring up my journal and an Advertising Banner was plastered across the top of my journal! Now, if this was a free service, I would have said, "Hmmmm.... well, we all have to support ourselves and I am getting this service for free...." But, that wasn't the way of it. I was Paying these people to allow me the privilege of posting a journal. Paying! Was I receiving revenue from these ads? NO! Was I allowed to pick who I would promote with my pictures and words? NO!

So, feeling that I had to make some kind of stand, I refused to post any entries to my journal while it was being defaced in such a way. But, how was I to stay in contact with all of my friends??? Well, it seems that many of them have jumped ship and landed over here... so, I thought I would join them. At least for a while. If I like it here, I'll stay. If not, I'll find something else... but, bottom line... I WILL still have a journal. So there AOL :P


Judith HeartSong said...

so glad you have found a place to roost... I was so glad to hear from you. big hugs, judi

Kelly said...

I love the new digs, but wherever you decide to live, I'll keep reading!

Laura said...

this is looking to be a beautiful neighborhood!

DesLily said...

YeeeHawww.. I found you and my favorite animal pictures!!! Yeesssss! I have you book marked! I simply made a new folder, named it JOURNALS and I'm filling it with the people i like to read! I feel badly some others won't do the same.. they say its too much trouble to go to other sites.. duh.. that's what bookmarks are for! What trouble?

Anyway.. here's what I've done.. I now have 2 alternative sites going and yes, it's a bit much and getting to feel like a dang job to do it! I've opened one on the aol international site so alerts still work for aol people.. then i mirror it to blogspot because..you guessed it! It's only a matter of time until aol probably puts ads on their international site! So why bother? well.. just in case they don't! lol.. i do like the look of the aol journal. Anyway here's my addresses.. just bookmark one since they are both the same entries.. if alerts are easier us the international address.