Friday, November 18, 2005

Making Myself at Home

Well, I am starting to make myself at home here. It is kind of nice to be able to edit the template of my blog to have what I want there. Hmmmm.... maybe this will be the push I needed to relearn HTML and to learn CSS. I used to play with HTML back in the early days, but I'm sure I have both forgotten a lot and there has been a lot of new options/codes added.

If you look to the right hand column of this blog you will see I haven't completely forgotten how to write simple code as I have added a Copyright notice and a blog listing to my sidebar. Actually the blog listing was supposed to be web links. I copied the code into my template, then changed the title and disabled the links that came with it till I have a chance to replace them with links to other blogs. Trying to do something like this? E-mail me and we'll try to work it out for you!

Well, now that I have that link for blogs in my sidebar I suppose I'm going to have to go out and collect all of my friends new blog addresses and sort out who has a new place and who can still be found at their old AOL journals. Well, I guess that is what weekends are for.
One of the hardest things is to remember to call this a blog now and not a Journal .

I guess the next thing to try is putting a picture in here... here goes... A little dose of cuteness for you... if it works!

Well, That seemed to work just fine . O.K.... we are getting the hang of things over here now!

Things are starting to look up now that I am getting things figured out and set up the way I want. I'm still having issues commenting on some of the blogger blogs, so if you haven't heard from me, that doesn't mean I haven't found you... I just am having issues!


Jackie said...

Well, at least I know where to find you, and that's the important thing. I won't be leaving AOL, as I have way to much other things going on in my life to worry about that darn ad on the top of my journal! lol I do respect you and the others for taking a stand against it all though.
I put you in my favorite places so that I can continue to keep in touch.. :)


Ari said...

Morgan is always the cutest! I'm so glad I found ya! I got you in my links already.

I'm hoping I simmer down sometime soon, so I can start writing happier entries.

The first day, I was completely lost. I'm starting to really get the hang of this now though.

We will survive!

Donna said...

Thanks for leaving a trail of crumbs so I could find you. I did make a small stand; I called AOL and told them to cancel my account. When asked why, I told them about the ads in the journals. I do not plan to leave, but at least perhaps someone made a record of my complaint. They gave me a free month's service, so about mid-December I'll call and tell them I changed my mind and I'm staying. Mosie1944

KathyZee said...

Welcome to the new neighborhood -- new friends, old friends and some different options for blogging. Geesh, AOL sure got a lot of folks' underwear in a bunch! Didn't they? When the dust settles I'll be here...and there.

DesLily said...

Ohhh wow! do i wish i had your knowledge about html !! I desperately want my sidebar to have links to other journals!

I really like your setup!.. wish i was more "techy minded".. sigh.

well.. i will have to settle and be glad i found your journal again!

funny, when i was a teenager (was i?) I had a toy cockerspaniel, somewhere ..not lost, I remember a picture i had taken of her surrounded by my stuffed animals lol.. in the background were 45 rpm "wrappers" hanging on my wall of Frankie Avalon and Fabian LOL LOL.. lord you just brought back that memory!! hahahaha

Kimberleigh said...

Hey Girl........I really hate being uprooted! lol I like blogspot too, but I don't know how to find any of my friends over here or know when they have posted something new.So I jumped ship over the the AOL UK least I don't have to put up with those obnoxious banners (yet) Here's my link!

Judith HeartSong said...

so glad you are here. I am trying to figure out how to utilize the space in the html code that allows for an extra paragraph of text... I keep doing it but cannot see it yet. Still working on that one.

I will be adding a copyright notice too.... good idea.

Antonette said...

Welcome to blogger gf! I think you'll like it here. I'll be changing your URL on my blog roll to reflect your new home address. Keep in touch!

jennifer said...

Visit Emmapeel. She's got a great sidebar list, alphabetized (!) and is willing to share both the instructions AND the list. Whew. I was bugged that I still haven't figured out how to do that and I can't sit still long enough to try.

Her link:

Stacy said...

Glad all is well! Wanted to pop in and say HI! I am now an aol refugee as well!! We're in this together I guess!!

Virginia said...

Welcome! Have fun redecorating and settling in.

betty said...

How could I have missed this adorable picture of Morgan??? So cute!!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

betty & Koda