Tuesday, January 24, 2006

For My friend....

My friend Pat (Deslily), who you can find HERE and HERE, says in the comments of my last entry:

As usual you have outdone yourself once again! Ok, now you have your new background for the next few weeks... time for some "heart-felt animal pics!" heh...

And, since she has often favored me with stories of DeForest, the least I can do is return the favor and offer up some 'heart-felt' animal pics!

I have many pics of the Orangutans at the zoo here (as well as some from other places), but the ones I picked for the entry tonight were taken very recently. In fact, over the Christmas Holidays. I always stop by the Orang exhibit to see what they have given Charlie (my favorite) to put on his head on that particular day. I have pictures of Charlie with boxes, rags, blankets, and assorted other things--all on his head. He likes to sit in the corner and put things on his head. This isn't that strange as Orangutans tend to be the most 'quiet' of the apes and often seem to prefer more quiet games than the other great apes.

I'm also checking to see what the 'patriarch' of the group is doing. Often he will come to the observation window and offer 'kisses'... and in the last couple of months I have been trying to get a glimpse, and possibly a good photo of the newest, smallest addition to the group. You'll know when I finally get a pic of her because I will be sure to post it!

Each morning there is an assortment of food and interesting objects scattered throughout the enclosure before the animals are released into it for the day. On this particular day, the keepers had put out some blankets as enrichment, and one of the juveniles had gotten one and was playing with it. I have a series of about 25 pics of him getting the blanket (and the piece of fruit that was under it) and his ascent to the top of their 'jungle gym'. I've only included 7 of them here for the sake of those of you on dial-up.


The pictures are in sequential order starting with the one centered on the top. Then go down the left side... Back to the top of the right side... and down that side... Ending with him on top of the 'jungle gym' in triumph!


Interested in learning a little more about these fascinating, comical, funny, lovable little guys?

As usual, I have a couple of places for you to go to learn a little more about them and the reason they are endangered and need our protection. Today I offer you 3 different ones. Click Here, Here, and finally Here!

I hope these were enough of an animal 'fix' for you Pat! LOL!

Note: For anyone who saw the 'oops' posting of this entry, I hope you enjoy the 'fixed' one. I ended up using the table tags to make the pictures 'behave'. I am on my way over to AOL right now to see if it is possible to get this to post over there. With the limited HTML features over there... well, I may just have to redirect traffic over here! ROFL!


DesLily said...

Never enough of your animals pictures! lol... but 7 at a time is since I am one on dialup! lol.. but the only time i had a "bad time" is when there is a video or music loading.. seems to take forever! I even lessened my animating things on my own journal cause it took so long to load! lol Boy I wish i lived closer to a zoo.. or even had a way to get to one! heh.. minor details!

I surely miss the times i was helping out at Shambala *sigh*..

Thanks for my "animal fix" lol.. just remember, I wouldn't "b*tch" about it if you had more of them! hahahahaha... I love you tell the story behind the pictures too..makes me feel more like "i was there"..cool JJ!

Ari said...

AT the St. Louis zoo, they have this one Orangutan that has some sort of disease which made her lose all her hair. Poor thing. The amazing thing is that without her hair, certain features look human. Her arms were sooooo buff! I think she works out.


BoiseLadie said...

Love your background, perfect for the season. The Orangutan sure is cute. I saw a family of Orangutans in Seattle a couple of years ago, they are amazing.

DEREK said...

sometimes I think if I had to live my life over I would have gone into something that would have brought me to the zoo and all thes wonderful animals. My mom alwasy said I belonged in the zoo. These have always been my favorites. We have a beautiful zoo in Jacksonville, I go quite often, and just sit for hours watching them. Have a great week.