Wednesday, January 18, 2006


It's less than a month till Valentines Day... Time to redecorate!! The Blog Title in this one is a graphic and a separate animation. Just experimenting with using Tables to help place things.... Learning... Learning!

Also, my 'headers' on my sidebar are graphics. Sometimes you do something by accident, and you end up liking it better. When I put the urls in for the graphics in the sidebar, I gave them a height/width value. I accidently put the wrong width in and ended up liking the 'distorted' hearts better than the originals. Go Figure!

I've been working with this template for a few days... I actually put it up at one point, but when I went to check it over on AOL.... No little elephant and no Blog title... Grrrrrrrrrr! Well, with the help of a program I found today on the internet (for free.. Yeah!), I figured out that I was missing a > in one of my tags. Stupid Internet Explorer couldn't figure it out... Firefox could. Big Sigh! That's why you always test everything in multiple browsers before publishing. Although, I do admit that I cheat and only check in Firefox, IE, and AOL.... I really should download Netscape and Opera at least.... but, I'm Lazy and I figure most of you are using one of the big 3!

I was looking thru some old bookmarked sites and came across this. People had a lot of fun playing with this last year: Acme Heart Maker And, just for fun, here's something that will take a few of you back. I remember having a spirograph as a child and spending hours and hours (and lots of colored ink!) making the designs. I wonder if that is where my love of Celtic knotwork comes from... hmmmmmm. Anyway, enjoy playing with your online Spirograph


Grace said...

This is great! Love the new Valentine's style digs. Thanks for the info on how you did it.

DesLily said...

As usual you have outdone yourself once again! Ok, now you have your new background for the next few weeks... time for some "heart-felt animal pics!" heh..

Becky said...

LOL I love it!

Antonette said...

You are very talented. I'm jealous! No really I am!

Steven said...

I use graphics on my sidebar. Looks good!

A missing closing tag is so hard to spot in a template. More than once I've found myself scrambling to figure out where I'd gone wrong and it just missing close.

DEREK said...

this is really cool! I've got to start learning this stuff too!

Jod{i} said...

OH YEAH!!! I love it!!!!

Yes, I am having fun with it too!
I have found out many things by mistake as well and look at it and say Hey now..... LOL
Then I write it down so I dont forget!
This is great!


Gabreael said...

Looks great!