Monday, September 18, 2006

Air Morgie!

Morgan hasn't been too happy lately that I've done -2- Feline Fridays with pictures of DK and not a Corgi picture to be found. To make up for that, today I give you Air Morgie!

This is something new that Morgan has just learned to do. She's been fetching since she was a little girl, but always the we throw/she chases/she picks up/she brings back scenario.... She's VERY proud of herself that she can now catch stuff midair.

I'll leave you to guess at how many pictures I took to get a few good pictures of her in mid-air.... Lets just say that 1. She doesn't catch it every time as she just learned to do this. and 2. Her Daddy doesn't always throw said squeakie so it crosses in front of where I was set up to take the picture <g>

And, just for good measure, we leave you with an Air Morgie Montage!


Gaboatman said...

This was a fun entry to see and I'll bet a fun entry to create! Morgan looks great and would approve of the action pics you shared with us. Now, let's set if we can work on her Daddy's throwing aim, LOL.

Becky said...

I had no idea those little pups with their shortie legs could jump so high! Neat!

BoiseLadie said...

What GREAT shots! I love them!