Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Winter Holidays

and still missing in action.....

I'm still missing in action, but wanted to drop in and make my yearly repost of my Happy Winter Holidays post. I originally posted this entry on my AOL Journal in 2004, the first year I blogged. Last year I reposted it in my AOL Journal AND in my Blogger journal that I had started in 2005. This year I find the message just as relevant as it has been for the last two years, so here it is again!

An update on my poor laptop: Remember that it spent a week at the shop before they decided it was more than they could handle and they would need to send it off to the manufacturer. I was thrilled when they called me after only 1 week to tell me it was back. I immediately jumped in my pickup and flew into town to pick it up. Arriving at home I was thrilled to be connecting to the internet with my baby. I surfed, I e-mailed, I caught up on all my friends lives.....

Around Midnight I decided that I would make an "I'm Baaaack!" entry. I chose the photo, I brought it up in Elements, I cropped it....... I watched my screen go black as my laptop shut itself down. BAH!!!! That was the reason it was in the shop to start with! The nice tech people received a call the -moment- they opened the next morning. "Bring it back" they say. SIGH! So, back it went, and it's been gone another week and a day as of today.... I don't expect it back till after Christmas... Sniffle!

So, how am I making this entry? And for that matter the comments I have made on a few blogs? Well I had a laptop prior to my beloved baby. I had passed it down to G. so he wouldn't ask to use mine to check his e-mail and things. The shoe has been on the other foot the last couple of weeks with me asking HIM if I could please check my e-mail! LOL!

Why no entries? G.'s laptop only has the bare minimum of programs on it. He has the normal Windows stuff... paint, notepad, write..., but no Photoshop Elements, no PSP7, no LIveWriter...He literally only uses it for e-mail and internet access! So I've just been waiting (semi-patiently) for the return of my baby to post again. But I couldn't not post a Happy Winter Holidays entry could I???

Be sure to scroll down one entry for the mentioned Happy Winter Holidays Post... And, just in case I don't post again till after New Years... Happy New Year!!

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