Saturday, December 23, 2006

Will It Never End??

Today I got the call... "Come and pick up your computer! We've tested it and it is fine." I was thrilled, I was elated, I was... skeptical! But, with hope in my heart, I jumped in the truck and headed for the store. Upon arrival I was happy to see the 'computer repair' section of the store was pretty empty. In fact, I was a little surprised that the traffic and amount of people out shopping really wasn't too bad considering that tomorrow is Christmas Eve.

Taking my place in line I tried to keep my feeling of elation in check. I hadn't yet tested the computer, and this was the -2nd- time that it had been sent out to the manufacturer for repair. My turn came and I stepped up to the desk, gave my name, and pulled out what is becoming a large bundle of repair orders. Flipping thru I came up with the newest one and handed it to the tech. Smiling he brought me my laptop.... he didn't even make a demur when I stated that I wanted to plug it in, fire it up, and test it myself. Although, he did tell me that he and another tech had tested it and he was absolutely sure it was fine....

I boot up, I load up Photoshop Elements, load up a picture, click on crop with a shape, make my shape on my picture, hit o.k..... and watch the computer screen go black as it shuts down. HAH! This was why I wouldn't take the computer out of the store without checking it. Today was 12/23... officially my extended warranty ended 12/22.... I was NOT taking possession unless it was right!

The poor little tech guys face just fell... He claims never to have seen anything like it.. Could it be software?? No way, I say! I've been thru all of that and it is definitely hardware!!!! I then explain for the third (or is it fourth? or maybe Fifth?) time to a new person that it all worked fine -before- his store added a gig of ram to my laptop.

"But, it can't be the ram, we tested it!" He says confidently.

I ask, striving for patience, "I've asked that the ram be removed and tested, I assume no one has done that -still-"

"But, ma'am" (I hate when they call me ma'am {sigh!} "It -can't- be the ram... we tested it!"

"Humour me... let's remove the gig of ram and see if it works then!"

Treating me as if I was insane (at the very least), this is done...... and the computer performs flawlessly! I crop once, twice, three times... on the same picture! and then do the undo three times and return the picture to it's original size.

"I'll be d@mned!" the little tech dude exclaims... "Um... could you come back in an hour? Maybe go shopping or something? I ... um... need to check this out."

Feeling vindicated... and a little smug LOL! I agree. Off I go for an hour. My return is greeted with, "Just a tad more time, if we could?"

Another half an hour of wandering.

Finally he is ready for me.... "Ummmmm... well, we took video of the problem and we will have to send the laptop back.... But, -I- have sent a very detailed description with the video... I think we will be able to get something done this time...."

"Fine..." I say with a huge sigh, and not being able to resist, "You know, if the techs I've dealt with would have listened to me and allowed me a chance to show them, I wouldn't be sending my poor computer out to the shop for the -3rd- time.. not counting the 4 days it stayed with you guys!"

He was very apologetic, and I did feel a little superior to be proven right after all of those snot-nosed kids had treated me like I could barely turn a computer on let alone understand how it actually works! Maybe next time they'll listen to the lady who knows her 'baby' inside and out!! {sigh} But probably not.

Anyway, the bottom line is that my laptop is -still- in the shop, and I'm still having to beg, borrow or steal time online just to check my e-mail.....

Oh, for anyone interested... It works with the 1/2 gig, it works with the 1 gig, it won't work with ram in -both- slots... very odd, and obviously a -hardware- problem... Gee, where did I hear that before?????? LOL!

One more thing, in case you missed it, check out my Celebrations of Light and Hope entry. I know I repeat it every year, but it is one of my favorites and is fast becoming a Holiday tradition for me!


Becky said...

Hmm! Sounds like an incompatibility between the two memory simms. They don't play well together. They should swap out both and put in simms of the same type and size. 1 gig in each slot.

Judith HeartSong said...

Happy New Year Dear Lady! I hope the puter is back up and running soonest!