Saturday, January 20, 2007

Look Babies!

These cuties that you see are the two 7-month old weanlings that the owner of the horses I care for bought on the Wed before Christmas. She thought I could use something more to keep me entertained LOL! They are cuties. Officially they are now Yearlings as it is after the first of January. Interesting fact for my non-horsey friends, most horses are considered a year older on January 1st no matter when they were actually born. Why? It has to do with racing/showing of horses. Since most races/contests/shows are based on the age of the horse it is easier to just consider the year the horse was born rather than the actual date.

These pics were taken early in the morning and the light wasn't as good as I would have liked. I'm sure you will see more pictures of these two in the coming months! They also present a challenge to my picture taking abilities because they are -very- curious and want to come and see what I am doing. I have -lots- of close-up pictures of their little noses!

The 'pink' one is named  Bizou (which I believe is 'little kiss' in French) and is pronounced basically Biz-zoo. The dark colt is called Bébé (which is 'baby' in French) and is pronounced Bay-Bay. I do -not- speak French, so my friend was kind enough to pick names I couldn't butcher too badly ;p 


DesLily said...

oh boy.. you have your hands full now!! I hope you continue to enjoy them like I know you will!
I'll be looking forward to some interesting shots of the colts!errr, yearlings.. heh

Becky said...

Aww! I love watching horses. It's so peaceful. I used to love to ride them...but it would take a hell of a horse to handle my bulk now. LOL! Maybe a Clydesdale. ;-)