Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Old Man

I just love this old tree that stands in the pasture that Boo and Ten share. It is a wonderful tree full of character. I wanted to experiment with panoramas and thought this would be fun. I took three progressive pictures of this tree --left side, middle, right side-- and then pulled them into Photoshop Elements and 'stitched' them together and then cropped the finished product. I took the pictures early one morning while waiting for the horses to finish their grain before I could pass out hay, so the light is a little iffy. Otherwise I kind of like it.

For some reason big old trees have been attracting my eye lately. There are about 4 others that I've been meaning to stop and photograph. I think I've been putting it off because I want to wait till I get my new lense. It's going to be a 70-300. Not a huge zoom lense, but more than what came with the camera! I think it is going to be my Valentines Day gift from G. It was originally supposed to be a Christmas present, but things happen {shrug} While I was in pricing the new lense (which has actually come down almost $50 since I first decided it was the one I wanted), I showed G the lense I REALLY want. He just looked at the price tag and winced LOL!

I'm excited about the new lense also because it is Spring time. What does that mean?? Babies!! I've already started to notice baby calves and lambs and kids. Since I don't know the people they belong to I will be taking the pictures from the side of the road and that means I need some ZOOM! ;p


DesLily said...

I love love love the trees!!! it makes you want to climb in them or have a tree house in them!!!

Hanna said...

what a beautiful tree, we don't have such huge trees around here. lovely