Friday, June 29, 2007

A Little Blog Housekeeping...

I decided today that my Blog over here at Blogspot was boring.... or maybe I was just bored with the look since I hadn't changed it in a while. With these thoughts lurking in the back of my mind I was playing in Photoshop Elements when I realized I had the perfect 'brush' to make a Heading Graphic with. So.... Tada! LOL! I do love playing with Templates, but it can be tedious. I'm just starting to figure out the new 'widgets' on the new blogs. It took me about 2 hours from the time I said, "Gosh, I'm bored with the Spring Flowers" till I was able to put this up.

Now to answer a few questions:

About the Crowds picture for the Monday Photo Shoot.... No, I don't have any pictures without animals ;p Not really, but it is always fun to try and interpret the picture so I can use an animal shot.... It's kind of become a tradition and wouldn't all of you be disappointed if I didn't? LOL!

Several people asked about the spider in the Wordless Wednesday entry.... Ummmm.... I wasn't sure what kind of spider it was, so I asked G. He says it is a young Banana Spider. I had only noticed the big ones before I guess ::shrug:: To those of you who this creeped out... SORRY! Ummm.... The web is actually right over the top of the barrels I store my grain in. Just above my head I leave it because I figure he/she eats flies, and it doesn't bother me so I don't bother it!

To the people who commented on the Summer Vacation entry and saying that they didn't think I looked 46... Well, I was, but just barely. That picture was taken the last week in May and I actually turned 47 the first week in June. But, I WAS only 46 when the picture was taken. As for the others that commented about none of us looking the ages I listed (except for my Grandson, of course)..... All I can say is THANK YOU!... and Blush a little. I guess I'll just rack it up to good genes LOL!

I have a cool entry planned for John's Weekend assignment...... Stay Tuned!

Note added later: I noticed in looking at the widgets which I set up to have my Blogrolls from Bloglines displayed that I have several 'bad' and/or 'dead' links in there. I guess I don't usually notice because I mostly just look at the ones that have entries. I see a little weekend job of cleaning up my Bloglines account in my future. I won't remove all the links, just the ones to blogs that no longer exist. I think I will just move the 'inactive' ones to a folder marked as such. You never know when an old friend will return to blogging and I wouldn't want to miss them!


Kelly said...

well :-P to you too!

DesLily said...

yep, Banana spider is what came right to mind when I saw the photo. I remember them...not fondly. I was not happy when I was told they are very poisonious!

love the new heading!.. it's so YOU!
Can a new heading be put on the "old blogs?"

Indigo said...

Wonderful discovery. I have a blog over here too, although here no one comments on it. I keep pretty much the same entries as the AOL version. It's fun, never know who might find an interest.(Hugs) Indigo

Becky said...

Love the new template! I am not satisfied with mine. I wish blogger would add some new choices. lol