Monday, December 01, 2008

An Award.. For Me?

marieantoinetteawardpic I've seen this award making the rounds, and was shocked (and pleased!) when Melissa of Just Another Day in Paradise nominated me for it. There are rules and the rules are to link back to the person who nominated you, then pass the award on to 7 more deserving people. Hmmmm.. I'm never very good at the picking out of people, and a lot of the people I would nominate have already received this award... however, I will try to pick out 7 that you may not be reading!

My first pick is one a lot of you probably already read... if not, you should pop over and meet Dorn and the Oompas! Dorn juggles her husband, Dickidoo, several children still at home (affectionately called Oompas), her concern for her oldest son who is serving in the military and a job. If any blog is about real people Dustbunny Club of North America is one of them!

Over at Dock Lines Sam tells us about his life. He's always fascinated us with stories of the boats and activities at his job, and now we are looking forward to hearing about his newest adventure--his grandson. His grandson is living with Sam and his wife and they are enjoying seeing the world thru his eyes.

Coy at Dancing in the Rain always has something interesting to tell us about. She lives in a beautiful part of Florida and often gifts us with pictures of her scenic surroundings.

If you read Donna at Just Me, you shouldn't miss the adventures of her daughter Rachel and her family at Life 'n Stuff. Rachel works hard and loves her family. With 2 girls at home, a dog, a husband, and two boys out on their own Rachel usually has something to say.... and maybe a hotel picture or two!

Celeste of My Day and Thoughts has a small farm and a bunch of critters to help entertain us. She also has a granddaughter that she adores and loves to spend time with and a husband to keep life interesting.

Kathy at Flamingo Feathers has a very full life, but still finds time to let us share it. One of the brightest spots in her blog is her daughter Emily. Any entry about Emily is sure to be one that will brighten your day.

Kas of Hestia Homeschool is one of my favorite bloggers. She and her family have a wide variety of critters AND they do some wildlife rehab which is always interesting. Kas and her family recently got a new place with a lot more land recently... this is great for them, but not so good for those of us who follow their adventures. Kas has been having a little bit of trouble with connection issues so we haven't heard a lot lately, but I hope that this will soon be fixed!

I was right, this was really hard... there are still a bunch more people I think deserve this award--basically everyone over there on my sidebar in the ever growing list of blogs that I follow!


Monica said...

I'd hate to select just 5 blogs ... don't think I could do it! I'm off to check out some of the blogs you mentioned. Have a great day!


Rose said...

Congrats on the Award.

I will check out your selections.

Hugs, Rose

Gaboatman said...

Thanks for your kind mention and the award. I'm honored and flattered and I thank you. I wishing a very Happy Holiday Season for you and yours!

Kathy said...

Thank you JJ! For the award and afor taking the time to think on all of the blogs you read. It isn't easy to find seven when your circle of reads is 'all the good ones' plus a few 'unknowns.' LOL!

And just so you know ... there should be an Emily post coming up. Today is the big 20!

Thank you again. ;)

D said...

whuuuu congrats on a much deserved award... your choices are great as well

Antonette said...

WTG gf! Congrats on the award!

DesLily said...

See what happens when you get married! You get awards! lol.. congrats JJ :o)

Traci said...

Great list of blogs! Congrats on your award!

Toon said...

You're braver than I am...I can never pick out a small list of favorites and always resent being asked to. Harrumph!


Toon said...

You're braver than I am...I can never pick out a small list of favorites and always resent being asked to. Harrumph!


Rising Rainbow said...

Congrats! on your award. You so deserve it!

~ L said...

Congratulations!! Yours is one of my favorites...and good job with your picks too!