Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Good Beginning




G & I  watched the Inauguration on TV. First on HLN and then on CNN. I had the computer on and was following Twitter feeds for #Inaug09 and #Inauguration in separate tabs on Firefox. Actually I was skimming them for content, you could NOT keep up with either stream. You would get thru one page and already there was over 1000 new Tweets waiting for you to refresh. I am still following both feeds and they are continuing to be updated. And, not just by people in the U.S. either!

When Mr. Obama stood up to be sworn in I quickly typed in my welcoming message and left it up in Twitter while I watched the swearing in. I actually liked that Mr. Obama seemed a little nervous as he took his oath. As he finished his oath I hit the Enter key to welcome my new President to the office. I then shut the lid on my laptop and focused on President Obama's first speech as our leader. I have to admit that I was NOT disappointed. As soon as he was finished speaking I looked at G, and said, "Wow!". I then opened my laptop to see what the rest of the world had to say.

Mostly people seem to be positive and looking forward to this new administration. I feel very optimistic myself. The President's Inaugural speech was fantastic. You can get a full transcript of the speech in several places online. There are a couple of 'cloud' pictures of his speech up online and I include two  here. One at the top of this entry and one at the bottom.

Here's hoping that today's promise becomes tomorrow's reality.




Gerry said...

I felt the ssme way, that this speech did not disappoint. Now I am watching the parade, and listening to more comment. Gerry

Bea said...

I've been watching news coverage all day! The last time I was this glued to the news was the day of President Kennedy's funeral, and I was only ten years old then. It felt wonderful to be watching good news, of hopeful events to come, of courage, and of one good man's lifelong journey to come to the aid of his country. Today I was proud to be an American, and I know that if his momma and grandma were here, they'd be so proud. I thought of his mom and grandmother as he walked out to take the oath... he was alone in his thoughts, he looked straight ahead, focused on his great responsibility. For a few minutes, there was space around him, people behind, and people ahead, but there was a pocket of empty space he fit into, .... I'm sure his mother and grandmother were walking out there right along-side of him. I look forward to being part of his plan to make the necessary changes that will turn us aroundl.

GaylaGal said...

I was also NOT disappointed....proud! Such an amazing day. :)
Did you make this fantastic 'cloud' graphics?? I love em'!
During the inauguration I couldn't keep up with the feeds either in Firefox (all I use now). At one point I had my desktop on and my laptop...lol. But it was fun posting on Facebook and Twitter about it.

PS: Thank you so much for your help with my header. I'm working on it this week :)
Huggers, Gayla

Indigo said...

It's definitely a good beginning. I had tears in my eyes when I realized they close captioned the entire proceeding. They don't always provide it for live events. Not only was I able to watch history unfold, in my own way with the captioning I could hear the words that made it a reality. (Hugs)Indigo

Celeste said...

I was very pleased with what I heard. I pray we become what we can be in the next few years. )dang I sound like an Army commercial!)

Monica said...

I didn't get to watch day of as I was photographing a Tuesday wedding! Who get married on Tuesday during the Inauguration? It wasn't until a few days later taht I was able to hear and I was impressed and thrilled.


Rising Rainbow said...

Thanks for the email on twitter. I do have firefox but haven't even opened it so will have to spend some time figuring things out.

~Rebecca Anne~ said...

Ok, I need to figure out what Twitter is all about. I just can't keep up these days and find I avoid Internet all together. I watched, like everyone else, his first big day and was not disappointed.
It was a good month~
I hope you are well,

~ Lor said...

I agree. Very inspiring...there's a lot of work to do and I think he's just the man for the job.