Monday, January 19, 2009

MLK Day, The Inauguration, and a Flower Pic...

People have been commenting in different venues today that it is somehow appropriate that Martin Luther King Day and the Inauguration fall together like they have. I guess that is so, but I think that every person has his own message and we should not try to lump one man's message with another's.

Martin Luther King's message was a wonderful one, and I always like hearing his I have a Dream speech.  Often the fact that Mr. King's message was for -everyone- and not a certain group of people gets lost in the hype, and I find that sad. Mr. Obama (soon to be President Obama in a few more hours!) will also have a message. Let's hope that people will be open to hearing it, and realizing that his message too is for every U.S. citizen and not just for a some.

The Inauguration. Wow! This is going to be an Inauguration filled with firsts... and with history. I love that Mr. Obama is using the bible used by Lincoln at his inauguration. But, for some of the firsts: Mr. Obama's official portrait is the first to be taken with a Digital camera. There are going to be other firsts too, many having to do with how people get their information about the event. It will be all over the television and radio, of course, but there is also an official Twitter feed, stuff on You Tube, and a special Flickr photo group set up.

Personally I have the Twitter feed running and I plan to watch the actual Inauguration on TV. I heard someone today mentioning that they would like to have been one of the people lucky enough to be in DC tomorrow. But me, I think I would take a pass on that. Not only is it going to be incredibly crowded, and just getting around is sure to be insane, but it is also going to be just a little on the CHILLY side. I think I'll be much more comfortable in my living room. I won't have to worry about being cold, or not getting there on time, or not finding a good vantage point to watch from... or...  yeah, the list goes on. Still, I do look forward to watching it all unfold in living color!

It will be a day of speeches, and spectacle and history... but the really important work will  start on Wednesday. I'm hoping that fresh blood in the White House will start a turn around, but I'm also hoping people realize that we didn't get into this mess in just a short time and it will not all get fixed by next Friday.... or even by next year. I'm hoping they give our new leader a chance.

And now.... for anyone who slugged thru all of the boring stuff to the very end... I give you another pretty orchid picture.




Gerry said...

An orchid photo is a great plus, but I also hope that people will be patient working for change, but I do think that Obama's election has greatly encouraged blacks even to our Cardinals fired up enough to win their championship and go to the superbowl. I mean we Arizonans did not find out until almost the last that we had a great team, in fact, until the playoffs, so nobody is more shocked than we are that we are superbowl bound. But I have seen time and again that blacks are feeling that now they really belong to this country and do not have to wonder all the time if their presence will be tolerated. I think that is a great accomplishment on the part of the more openminded young as well as some who have fought forever for equality to become a reality. Gerry

Donna said...

It'll be interesting. I will definitely be watching the inauguration tomorrow... or listening to it in the background.

DesLily said...

something I didn't know about the inauguration.. that if for some reason it ran past 12 noon.. it didn't matter because at noon he IS president.. inaugration or not! never knew that!

Bea said...

First, that is the most beautiful orchid I have ever seen! I watched the Inauguration... truly inspiring. If it hadn't snowed, I would have been in school and not watching it, unless I could have rearranged my classes... but like you, I was glad to be home. I'm not one that has to be on site to experience the moment. I don't like crowds, and the cold... and how far did they have to walk to find a porta potty??? No, I never would have made it. My hat is off to those who could. It must have felt truly over the top to be there.