Friday, October 13, 2006

Your Monday photo Shoot: Bobble-Heads

I'm a little behind making some posts... Real life reared it's ugly head for the past 2 weeks. But, life is settling down, and I have some pictures for the last two Monday Photo Shoots that I didn't get a chance to post, so here goes:

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Someone in your house you probably have one (or more) bobble-head figurines. Immortalize them in photo. For this, any bobbly toy will do -- bobbly hula girls, toy animals with bobbly tails, it's all good. They just have to be bobbly somewhere along the line.

Well, the truth was that I DIDN'T have a bobble-head figure! But, my friend and neighbor did, so I asked if I could borrow it for an hour or so and take a picture of it for my Journal/Blog. Although she looked at me like I was insane, she did hand over the bobble-head, which I carried off to a sunny patch to take a picture of. Morgan, who feels she should always be the center of attention, NOT a silly doll thing, followed along and managed to get in the picture! Finishing up I returned the bobble-head to my neighbor and downloaded the pic to the computer.... unfortunately I didn't get around to posting it until tonight... I thought about just not bothering, but I already had the pic... and what else would I ever use it for???? LOL

If you want to play along with the Monday Photo Shoots, or the Thursday writing assignments, pop on over to By The Way and see what John has for you this week!

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jennifer said...

YAY Morgan!! Way more bobbily than a bobblehead. :o)