Friday, October 13, 2006

Your Monday photo Shoot: Foliage 2006

Now, after the Bobble-head fiasco, I figured the next Monday Photo Shoot would be easier...

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Leaves are changing color all over the US -- show us the foliage in your neck of the woods. Normally I say that pictures from your archives are fine and dandy, but for this assignment try to get fresh photos of the change of the season. Remember also that even though this is called the Monday Photo Shoot, you can still submit pictures on Tuesday, Wednesday or even Thursday morning -- so you have some time to find that perfect fall photo.

Sure John..... I live in Florida... We have Palm Trees and nice green trees on Christmas day! LOL With this in mind, I thought that I would either skip this Photo Shoot, or I would take a pretty picture of all my GREEN trees. However, we decided to take Morgan for a hike in the woods on Tuesday and we went to Paynes Prarie and as always I took my camera along because you never know what you'll see out in the woods....And lo I found some trees that were NOT green!!! So, I snapped a pic and that is what you see below. HAH! I found colored trees in Florida! HAH! LOL

If you want to see some other pretty fall foliage, don't forget to check out John's recap of links for this photo shoot.

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