Friday, May 15, 2009

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait...



It has been a little over 2 years since I lost my D.K. That's a picture of her at the top of this post. She went over the Rainbow Bridge in April of 2007. I still miss her.

D.K. was a beautiful black and white tuxedo cat. I had her for 13 wonderful years. My husband offered to get me a kitten not long after we lost her to cancer, and I would go and look, but I just wasn't ready. Finally this spring I thought I would like to again hear the pitter of little cat feet in the house. I did mention to the Hubs that I thought we should get a cat that did not remind me of D.K., and because of that I was sure I wanted to get a kitty that was any color but black. Maybe a pretty gray with black stripes? Or a Russian Blue?

What is that saying about making plans and the universe will laugh at you? Yeah.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw an entry on a blog I follow. A cute little Wordful Wednesday, Kitten Edition at Putting the Fun in DysFUNctional. I thought the kitties were really cute, and showed them to the Hubs, and even commented about how cute they were in the comments on the post. It put the thought of kitties in the forefront of my mind again.

Enter Serendipity. About a week after the first kitty post, I saw a different entry on the same blog. She mentioned that she was taking the kitties to be fixed so that they could go to an adoption event on the upcoming Saturday. For some reason I had been under the impression that she and her family lived farther south from us. When I saw where the kittens had been taken to, I asked in comments which place they would be going to for the adoption event, still not sure that I was right about how close they were. Turned out that the place the kitties would be at was the Petsmart that I visit frequently.

The next day I went to the Petsmart just to 'look' at the kitties. The one we thought we were interested in was the white one with black spots, and I still wasn't sure. But instead, once I was there, I couldn't resist the little black and white Tuxedo girl. I thought the hubs would bust a gut laughing at me. Not only did I end up with another black cat, but a Tuxedo to boot. Still, I think D.K. would be pleased since she too was an adopted stray.

If I had any doubts about my decision they were quickly put to rest when I arrived home. I sat the little darling down in the middle of the floor, and she was immediately at home with us and Morgan (our Corgi). She settled in and it was like she has always been with us.

The picture below was taken about 3 hours after we got her home.




Her foster mommy did a wonderful job with her. She has absolutely no fear of anything, loves people, and is so very confident of the world and her place in it. (i.e. she is a princess!).

I spent some time searching for a name, and we finally settled on Nyx. It fits her perfectly. She is so mischievous, and keeps us laughing constantly at her antics. I think when I was looking at all of those other kitties, I was just waiting for her to come along. We already adore her, and are looking forward to many years of laughing, loving, and fun with her and Morgan.




Indigo said...

Ahhhh! What are you doing to me with the cuteness overload. I just swore up and down after dealing with one mishap after another with my inside 4 today no more cats, and then they go and all loving on me. Of course I can't stay made forever then you go and show me kitten cuteness...

I absolutely love the fact you got another tuxedo cat. I think D.K. would be very pleased indeed. I have to tell you though I'm so stealing her Nyx name the next time I fall for a kitten. Which I'm almost positive with my 4 hellions won't be anytime soon. (Hugs)Indigo

DesLily said...

what a great shot of Nyx asleep on you lol... I wish cats could stay "kittens" a bit longer, they grow so fast.. I'm glad you got yourself a kitty! I hope she stays happy and healthy, and I'm sure she will with such animal loving people as parents!

Sugar said...

i'm sure dk is purring down, at your choice.
what a doll nyx is!!! enjoy your new furr baby.

Traci said...

Is that a picture of you! Good to see you!!!! Love the kitty! She is so lovely. I didn't realize how much I missed having a cat until we got one again! They are such comfort!

Heather said...

DANGIT. We really don't need ONE MORE animal in this house right now, but I am dying for a kitteh!


DysFUNctional Mom said...

I am so happy to read this! Your love for her just pours through and its evident that she is yours for life.
DK was a beautiful cat. I wish you much happiness with Nyx and I look forward to watching her grow on your blog.
She was my favorite of the litter, I love her facial markings! All of her brothers except one have
Now been adopted.

Gerry said...

I loved this kitten story. Yes, it was meant to be! I am glad to hear what good care she seems to have had which will make her a pleasure for a new owner. I hope you enjoy your new companion a good long time. Gerry

Donalyn said...

Whata goirgeous baby - looks like many years of fun for you!

Rebecca Anne said...

Loved this entry. I'm sorry you lost your other kitty and I know how much that hurts. It sounds like you got Nyx at just the perfect time. And, all 3 of my kitties are black and white, so of course, I'm biased, but she is ADORABLE and I'm so glad she already loves you. Thank you for the picture of you and her as well. It was divine!!

Kathy said...

Oh gosh ... she is jus so darned cute and these few months later she must be lithe and graceful as she plays arond the house.