Monday, November 27, 2006

What Surprises are in Your Front Yard???

Because I have a fenced in yard here, I often come out to find that I have a visitor! Skylar stays in my yard 24/7 during the summer, but in the winter his owner takes him inside at night, but returns him to my yard when it warms up in the morning. Very few days here are too cold for him not to spend at least a portion of his day running around my yard.

When asked if it would be o.k. for him to be loose over here, I gave my assent, but was concerned that Morgan would mess with him. Turns out that he is almost as big as Morgan, and has absolutely no fear of her!! For her part, Morgan wasn't too sure about this interloper in HER yard at first, but now looks for Skylar when she goes outside. Why do we always look for Skylar? Because we spent the first couple of weeks he was in the yard noticing he was missing, finding him, returning him to the yard and then figuring out how he got out!! He's a smart little critter, but the yard is finally 'tortoise proof' LOL!

Not being a herpetologist, I have been amazed at how much personality Skylar has. Because I spend quite a bit of time outside and pay attention to him, Skylar has become attached to me and will come when I call and stretches his neck out so I can scratch him in his favorite spots easily. He also follows me all over the yard begging for treats and scratches.

I love taking pictures of animals, and I also enjoy looking at the pictures others have taken. National Wildlife just had a photo contest and there are some stunning pictures there.... I hope someday to be half as good as these people! Enjoy!


DesLily said...

I wish I had as good a photo as that of Myrtle, the Kelley's desert tortoise!... Myrtle became famous to Star Trek convention fans and in his club. I used to draw (such as it was) Myrtle cartoons for the club newsletter . Myrtle stood on 2 legs (cartoon form) and became the child they never had (in my cartoons)... seeing this photo (great photo btw) reminded me of all of that.

Cheryl said...

Wow! Interesting how Skylar likes his neck scratched, and the association he has with you. Pretty cool.

Antonette said...

Ok, now that is pretty awesome! You are such a good person, no wonder he likes you.