Monday, November 02, 2009

Found: Missing Blogger

When we all moved over here to Blogger when AOL kicked us out, some people got lost, or went missing, or didn't make the move, or sometimes they just had a lot going on in their lives and haven't been around for a while. It's sad, but we lost quite a few of our friends due to differing circumstances.

Today I have good news. One of our little lost Sheep has returned to the Blogging fold. I know I don't have a huge bunch of people who read here, but if you remember Stacy, drop on over to her place and welcome her back!

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ambradream said...

Awwww You are too sweet!! Thank you so much! You are quite famous in our blogging world!!!!! I wish my post wasn't such a downer but uplifting is yet to come and if I can ever figure out pics with LiveWriter it will get really exciting!!!!!