Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Today is the 4th of November. It has been 4 days since Halloween, and I still haven't managed to 'decorate' around here for the next holiday. I did, at least, manage to get the Halloween stuff gone and throw my everyday (i.e. boring) template back up here. Now, what does all of that have to do with the word Procrastination? Follow me here and you shall be enlightened.

  • Because I always want something unique, I can't just go out and find a Template. Oh no! I have to create something.... And, since I am going to need something for Christmas also, let's make both templates at once. Since this seems like it will take some work, I manage to keep finding something else to do and put it off for another day.
  • What better place to procrastinate than... The Internet! Why Yes, I do have a FaceBook account. And someone whom I care about sent me a 'gift'. To accept the gift I had to start a Farmville account. This has led me down the rabbit hole of planting/harvesting/gifting that is the Farmville addiction  experience.
  • Which led to one of my Farmville neighbors sending me a Yoville invite. The rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper.
  • And then there are the Blogs.... Oh the blogs. You people have so much to say and your lives are not boring like mine interesting and your views enlightening and must be read as soon as you post.
  • Also, let's not forget about making Blog posts. Sitting and looking at a blank screen and trying to come up with an idea cause it is NaBloPoMo.
  • And e-mail... and RSS news feeds... and...

Yep, I can find a hundred things to do that don't involve accomplishing anything at all. But, I did at least manage to get this post up before Midnight.

Oh, and if any of you are on FaceBook.... I could use 2 more neighbors in Farmville and a couple of people for my crew in YoVille........


Donna said...

I dumped all the farm games on Facebook; just too time-consuming. I've kept Yoville because I can ignore it when I want, and nothing dies from neglect. The worst that can happen is my cookies in the sweets factory might burn. Big deal.

Gayla said...

I am the QUEEN of procrastination...LMBO! And I'm just like you in that I get online and away I go, from one thing to the next :)
I did get all my Halloween stuff down but nothing else is up yet. Oh well, in due time :)

Hugs, Gayla

ambradream said...

sshhhhh don't tell my husband, but the internet is my BIGGEST thing to keep me away from what I need to do-though I will never tell him that! and I don't even do the Farm or Yoville (?) or play games and I'm most definitely NOT looking at porn!!! lol I'm just busy doing everything else and not doing the work I was supposed to be doing!!!! But sshhhhhhhhh!