Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Random Cool Photo Thingy...

I found this really cool thing over at the National Geographic site. It will take a little while to load, but be patient. Once it is loaded the fun can begin. Keep clicking on the 'yellow square' in the picture. This is one of those panoramic pictures made up of smaller pictures that together make one, but it is huge. Each time you click on a picture there are more inside of it. The site probably explains it better than I ever could:

What makes up our world? Dive into this photo-mosaic portrait of the Earth to see it through the eyes of users like you. It's made up of hundreds of photos of the natural world, each submitted by users to My Shot. (Submit a photo) Move the yellow square over an area you would like to explore, click, and go. Double-click on an image to see more information about it. Keep clicking—and diving deeper into the Infinite Photograph—to get a truly boundless picture of Earth.

Go there now! Explore! What are you still doing here?!?

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