Sunday, December 11, 2005

I think we are up to Present #6

What have I got for you today? Well, it is a little 'Graphic Adventure'! If you have ever played Myst or one of it's sequels on your computer, it will seem familiar, if not.... Well, you just have to click on everything and use your imagination. Some things only work if they are done in a certain order, other things won't even offer up an option until you have completed another task. It's easier than it sounds, and I completed it in about an hour. It is called Samorost 2, and if you read my AOL Journal, it will look familiar, as I found and shared the first Samorost about this time last year. If you get stuck, just e-mail me or comment here and I'll try to help you out!

If you liked those two, then try Quest for the Rest and Balloon Head

And for something a little different.... Zoom isn't a game as much as it is interactive art... But it is still pretty cool for all of that

Hope this gives you something to do while waiting for Santa! All of today's links/games are kid friendly!

graphics from: Useless Graphics


jennifer said...

Okay, those dancing snowmen are just cracking me up. :D

Becky said...

I tried Samorost2. I got stuck in the room with the alien and the TV and the dog running on the wheel. I think I goofed when the alien ate me then spit me out. LOL! Cool links.

Ari said...

Awesome! I love your gifts! I'm about to do some serious clicking on those links.


Anonymous said...

About a decade ago, a friend and I were talking about the cartoon penguins from "Mary Poppins". I mentioned how easy they'd be to feed --- you just draw a fish and hand it over. She looked at me like I was insane. She might have been right. ;)


V said...

So beautiful!

Judith HeartSong said...

your Christmas music and mine just combined and it was beautiful!!!!


Tammy said...

Love the penguins! I have that somewhere, snagged them awhile ago from useless graphics, too.

Hope your holiday season has been, and continues to be, festive and full of joy!

Ari said...

I have to recomment here, because I just had to say that everyone I've showed that Samorost game to loves it. So much fun and so cute! Thanks so much!


Globetrotter said...


I tried the Samorost game and as usual in my ADD state, I couldn't sit there very long. But my husband is enjoying it so much that he hasn't even asked for food or sex since I sent it to him!

The video and music by the Trans-Siberian orchestra is too cool. I remember when streaming on the web was considered pretty far out just 5 years ago.

Wonder what we'll be doing on the web 5 years from now!

Your site is awesome BTW, in case I haven't already told you!

My feelings are real

Inside the Gilded Cage

TJ said...

How cool is this!!!
I watched this very same group this morning on the morning good!
Your journal looks great!
Love Tj~

betty said...

Just stopping by to wish you and Morgan a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year! Loved the penguins.

betty and Koda :)