Sunday, December 18, 2005

Twisted Holiday

Hmmmm... What do I have for you today?? A couple of slightly twisted Holiday Games!

This first game was sent to me by Maryanne over at My Feelings are Real. She sent me an e-mail asking me if I had seen this one, and I hadn't. So Thank You Maryanne! This game is very simple. Click your mouse button and the little penguin jumps... Click it again and the Abomidable Snowman swings his club and sends the little penguin flying. Your score is based on how far the little penguin flies! Hit him too soon and he flies too high and nose dives into the snow, hit him too late and he doesn't go very far... But, hit him just right and he skips across the snow like a rock on a lake and you get a good score!! (My High Score was: 320.5) Strangely enough the penguin seems to enjoy the whole thing! ROFL! Click the link to go there: Penguin & Yeti

The second game is one I found last year, and when I checked it was still there. It is actually an advertisement for the National Christmas Tree Assoc, but is cute none the less! Your mission is to throw snowballs and take out the evil mutated Artificial Christmas Trees and SAVE CHRISTMAS! Click the link to go there: Attack of the Mutant Artificial Trees



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Chris said...

Thanks for the game link:) Forwarded it to a friend having a hard time finding a fake tree:)

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Anonymous said...

After seeing "March of the Penguins",I don't think I could handle seeing one getting clubbed or kicked or anything. I'm SUCH a liberal!! ;)


Becky said...

LOL! I've been enjoying your Christmas links. Some I've seen before but didn't save in my favorites when I should have.

DesLily said...

sorry I haven't been commenting much.. I am on dialup and the "video does me in" lol.. but let it load so i could say Merry Christmas to you!! I am missing seeing your animal pictures!!

One week to go! i hope you are ready !

Flava said...

HEYY There...passing thru..and must say..thats my favorite Christmas beat!!!ahahah


jennifer said...

Got this from work this morning, and thought immediately of you and your whacked-out holiday games. There's just something adorable about a smashed Santa.

Sober Santa

You have to use your arrows, not your mouse, and stay away from the tracks!

Gabreael said...

I will go check out your links.

Merry Christmas To You & Yours!


Judith HeartSong said...

oh, the penguin and the yeti.... I love that game and have it saved in favorites....... I will have to check out the other one!!! :):)

Ari said...

I absolutely adored the Samorost games and have gotten tons of people hooked on it. Because of you, I've been getting my game fix from these little flash games. Thanks so much! I would be going through serious withdrawals if it weren't for you.