Thursday, December 01, 2005

My First Holiday Gift to You

On the First Day of December, Astaryth gave to me ......

Alright, don't be expecting a present every day this month... but, I'll try to find you a few things to keep you distracted from all the stress of the Season.

Today I bring you a cute little game called:

Actually, it is Santa Balls 2. Santa Balls, the first edition was a little like the game Sweet Tooth over at, but with an added little caveat called Ball Juggling. When you get stuck you have the option of 'juggling' the balls, which are actually Christmas ornaments. Version #2 adds a little twist to the whole thing, more directions and bouncier balls! Click on the graphic and pop over and give it a try. I wasted quite a chunk of time with it.

And, after you spend waaaay more time playing this than you can afford.... well..... Your Welcome... Bwahahahahaha!

Update: Graphic by Me!


KathyZee said...

Oh Thank You! A distraction. HO! HO! HO!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the gift, sweetie --- however I'm not a big fan of Christmas these days. SIGH

Becky said...

Neat! I love Christmas themed games. Ever try Elf Bowling? Santa's Big Snowball? Fun stuff. LOL

Ari said...

Awesome, I love games. This will help put me in the holiday spirit for sure.

I love your blog template!

Ari said...

I was referred by a Friend, & I'm glad she did! Your site was Definitely Enjoyable!! Thank You, & Merry Christmas!!!
My HI score on "Penguin & Yeti" was 378.5, but I'm not braggin.' It was just Fun!! I couldn't o' done it w/o You!! Thanx, ag'in!!!