Thursday, November 12, 2009

Procrastination… or Just Pure Laziness?

I have espoused the wonder that is LiveWriter before, and probably will do so again. Anyone who is blogging should at least give this FREE program a try. It not only gives you a WYSIWYG interface, it allows you to post to more than one blog with ease and the touch of the mouse, and it makes the handling of links, catagories, pictures, etc simple and requires absolutely zip knowledge of HTML, CSS, or any other acronym.

With the above paragraph fresh in your mind, you would think that I would be using the newest version of my favorite program, especially since (as before mentioned) it is free. You would be wrong.

I recently turned a returning Blogger on to my very favorite posting miracle and when she had questions, I promptly answered them…. only to have her e-mail back that her version didn’t have a button or some such in the spot I said it was. Turns out that I had an older version of the program on my machine and that the older versions do not check for updates on their own.

So…. the moral to this story? If you have (and love) LiveWriter, you might want to pop over and make sure you have the newest version. The version I have now has a ‘Check for updates’ option under the Help menu. Something that my previous version did not.

End of Public Service Announcement – Oh, and if any one from the government wanders across this endorsement, let it be perfectly clear that I receive nothing from Microsoft for endorsing their product… although I am open to any monetary recompense they would like to pass on to me at any time and for any reason……


DesLily said...

you know not what you ask of me!! I am perfectly happy with the version I have!!! and yes I do love it!!!!

Gayla said...

Oh thank you, thank you for this post! I have been using WLW for a very long time and I can't say enough great things about it. It works flawlessly now.
About 4 months ago I had some issues with it not letting me add hyperlinks or add/change my blog information. But now that is all changed with a fix from the folks who invented it and Mozilla/Firefox. I did stop using it for awhile (BIG mistake) only to try and use ScribeFire (I think that's the name)an add-on from Firefox. Total loser.
I was not aware that there is a new version and I'm using 14.1. I will check out the link you posted to make sure.
And yes you are right, everybody should at least give this a try because the editor by Blogger just stinks!! I guarantee you will be so much happier with Live Writer :)

Take care!
Huggers, Gayla

Gayla said...

Oh, I forgot one more little gadget you might just like. It's called Glue.
This is another fantastic add-on from Firefox. I've been using it for about 3 months and LOVE it. So handy, meet some great people, keep track of what your interested in and much more. And best of's so simple to use!!!

Huggers, Gayla